Evening Primrose is published in the UK

Evening Primrose by Kopano Matlwa was first published in South Africa under the title Period Pain, with Jacanda. On July 27th is coming out in the UK with Sceptre Books, and there’s already a lot of buzz around the publication.

«A heart-wrenching look at South African society through the eyes of a doctor.» Grazia

«Evening Primrose is a heart wrenching story of a South African doctor and the difficulties she faces while doing her job in a country struggling with xenophobia and racial violence. From menstruation and gender politics to hatred of the ‘other’, this book shrewdly poses challenging questions about the legacy of apartheid, price of femininity and faith. Kopano handles harrowing topics with subtle grace so while this story had potential to become relentlessly bleak, instead it comes across as elegant and invigorating. It’s out in July from Sceptre Books and highly recommend fans of Chimamanda Adiche and Nadine Gordimer to read this gem of a book.» Rebeaa Saleem, book critic for Chicago Review, Wales Art Review, Brooklyn Mag, and Book Riot

«The slim Evening Primrose tackles more than many books twice its length. Masechaba addresses her diaries to God. And because God knows all, she hides nothing. The pages are raw. This is the best kind of political novel, one where the author allows her characters a full and complicated humanity. Evening Primrose’s turns of emotion are virtuosic. The novel dances from satire to slapstick to stabbing pain to tentative hope. Mabaso’s voice is one we need.» Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, award-winning author of Harmless Like You

«This is easily one of my favourite books that I’ve read this year…. ultimately life-affirming and full of optimism. A stunning read for anyone who wants to get firsthand insight into present day South Africa.» Book Riot

Furthermore, this novel was shortlisted to the Barry Ronge Prize for Fiction in South Africa, and Kopano Matlwa is the Guest Author of this year’s Jozi Bookfair in Johannesburg.

Period Pain / Evening Primrose will be translated also in several languages.